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CHECK — Assigns the appropriate vendor expense code to checks written with no previously assigned expense code.


NEWSKU — Assigns SKU numbers to inventory items.


SAPER — Verifies that the sale period in the SARECORD file agrees with the sales period in the SAHEADER file.


CLASS — Verifies that the major class code fields agree with the SKU number in all appropriate files.


PDATE — Fills in each customer’s ‘Last Date of Purchase’ field with the most recent purchase date.


SAREC — Verifies that the sales files have the correct dates and periods.


CONFIG — Verifies the \CONFIG.SYS file to assure that it has a sufficiently high FILES= statement.


PER0 — Displays all sales which have not been paid for in-full but appear to have been finalized.


STORE — Allows for updating of the store name.


CTYPE — Assures all customer types have 2 characters.


PICKUP — Fills in every repair and special order that has no pick-up date with the sales’ last payment date. (completed sales only)


TAX1 — Verifies that the sales tax


PERIOD  — Verifies that sales periods have been correctly assigned to every database. Don’t execute this program unless you have been specifically directed to by a Compulink Customer Support Representative and backups have been made.


DUPSKU — Checks to see if there are any duplicate SKU numbers.


PURCH — Fills in each customer’s ‘Year to Date Purchases’ field by re-checking all sales in the current files.


TRACK — Allows you to change Closing Procedure dates.


RECV  — Finalizes all sales where the balance due is less than $.03.


UPZIP — Allows you to change customer zip code’s to a new zip code when the post office makes a change.


LAYQT — Verifies that the Layaway Quantity is correct in the inventory file.


MINOR — Allows you to change the minor class code for all items in designated major class codes.


SALES — Verifies the ‘Year to Date Sales’ are correct for the Department Y-T-D sales report.


Other utilies are added from time to time. However, all utilities, explained above or not, should be used only under direction from Compulink.