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Sales Tax

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The most recent VJS update (0.935) includes the option

for different sales tax rates for different locations.


In Maintenance, Preferences

there is a page which lets you set the sales tax

rate. This is the *standard* sales tax rate and

affects all computers on the network.


There is another page called "Local Defaults" which

includes options which are just for that computer.

The new options at the bottom are for a sales

tax rate that will override the standard rate.


This page of options typically applies to

just that computer you are sitting at.


However, for a user connecting to a central

server via Windows Terminal Services

or Remote Desktop these Local Settings

apply to the Windows Username of whoever logged in.


If you put zero for the Local sales tax rates

then you revert back to the Standard tax rates.


I.e. if you have a store in Town A connecting

to a server in Town B by remote desktop

and a person logs in under JOE, he can set his

special tax rate for Town A.


But if another person logs in from Town A

using the same computer, but uses Windows

username MARY she would also have to set

the tax rate for Town A.


If JOE were to visits Town C and log in

via Remote Desktop/Terminal Services

under the same name JOE he will get the

Town A tax rate. In such a case it is

advised that he have different Windows

Login names for Town A and Town C.


If JOE visits Town B (headquarters) and logs in

under the same name JOE he will be using

the Town B sales tax rate because for that

day he would NOT be using Remote Access

and so he'd get the standard tax rate

(or the special tax rate for that physical