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Enter Gift Certificate/Credit Slip

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When a gift certificate is issued, it can be entered into Jewelry Shopkeeper to ensure it is properly tracked. When a customer makes a purchase with a gift certificate, you will be able to verify that the certificate is valid and then mark it as used.


When you first start using the Jewelry Shopkeeper, you can enter any gift certificates that were issued but were still unused before this program was installed. This will enable you to keep track of how many gift certificates you have issued in the past, as well as the amounts. Both the amount and the certificate holder's name are recorded on the gift certificate.


When selling a gift certificate, it is recommended that you ask the customer for the name of the person that will be using the certificate. You could enter the recipient’s name either as the primary name on the certificate or in the description. The certificate holder's name will appear on the slip, and you can allow only the person named on the slip to redeem the certificate. This will protect the certificate holder from unauthorized use of his certificate.


Gift Certificates and Credit Slips are grouped together in the same file in the Jewelry Shopkeeper so a gift certificate cannot have the same number as a credit slip. Whenever the program asks for a credit slip number for payment, you can enter either a credit slip or a gift certificate number.


Whenever you run a Balance Sheet, the values of unused gift certificates and credit slips are summed and posted as a liability to your business.