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Edit an Existing Sale

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This procedure can be used to make changes to the items on a sale, or to enter the receipt of a payment on a layaway or repair. You can also add or delete items from a sale or adjust the payment amount with this procedure, or convert a layaway sale to a charge account sale.


If you are updating repair progress, you can either find the sale and make repair changes from this section or you can change the repair screen from Edit Custom Work / Repairs from the Custom Work and Repairs menu.


If there are several errors in a sale entry made today, you can void the sale and re-type it from scratch. To void a sale, see the next chapter, Void a Sale.


If you want to record a return or a customer exchange, DO NOT edit the original sale. Instead, enter a brand new sales ticket, typing a negative quantity for any item being returned. See Handling Exchanges on page .