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7. Print Receipt

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After accepting the payment, you can print a receipt:



Print Full-page 40-Column Half-page receipt, Label, edit Message, None or Edit.




If you have turned on the Contract option from the Store Information Defaults section of the program (See page ), you will be asked if you want a contract for this special order:


   Do you want to print a Layaway/Special Order Contract? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




(See Printing Receipts on page  for an explanation of the different types of receipt and printing contracts.)


If the customer paid for the order in-full and up-front, the program will ask you if the special order has been Finalized. Finalized means that a sale has both been paid for and picked up, so only enter Finalized if the customer has picked up the item. If only a down-payment was tendered, the sale clearly has not been finalized so the program does not ask you this question.


             Is this special order Finalized or Open?  <Esc>=Quit



Answer Finalized if the customer has picked up the item, Open if he will pick up the item later.