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7. Changing  Sales  Clerk

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Even though, you can enter sales clerks’ initials in the header of the sale, you can change the initials and or commission rate for each individual item on the sale. This allows you to fine-tune the commissions on an item-by-item basis; some items could be split between clerks while the others could be just for one clerk; one of the items could be for a particular clerk while the others could be for another. To change the clerks and/or commission percentages for a specific item, make sure the cursor is highlighting the item you need to change. If you have already gone on to another line on the sale, use the <↑> to move to the desired item. Next press <Ctrl-Page Down> and a question similar to below will appear:




Clk 1       .  % Clk 2       .  %




Type the clerks’ initials and percentages assigned to this item.