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3. Locate Sale by Customer Name or Phone Number

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To search for the sale by customer name or phone number, leave the sale number blank and press <Enter>. The following screen will appear:



          LAST NAME:                     


            PHONE #:    -    




Type the name or phone number and press <Enter> to begin the search for the sale record.


You cannot search for an existing sale by entering a comma and the first name after the last. The option of entering the command and the first name is available when you are searching for a customer when you are typing in a new sale.


The system will find the last sale for the customer entered. The following screen will appear:




║MORE ↑, press <┘                    Type       Date          Total    Balance ║

║2816      Doe, Jane & Frank         Layaway    12/31/09  ______.__  ______.__ ║

║2819      Doe, Jane & Frank         Layaway    12/31/09  ______.__  ______.__ ║

║2820      Doe, Jane & Frank         Layaway    12/31/09  ______.__  ______.__ ║

║2821      Doe, Jane & Frank         Charge     12/31/09  ______.__  ______.__ ║

║36696     Doe, Jane & Frank         Layaway    12/31/09  ______.__  ______.__ ║

║36698     Doe, Bill                 Spec Ordr  12/31/09  ______.__  ______.__ ║

║1042      Doe, Bill                 Cash       12/31/09  ______.__  ______.__ ║

║1406      Driever, Joe              Charge     12/31/09  ______.__  ______.__ ║

║MORE ↓, press <┘ (<Enter>)                                                    ║





The most recent sale for the customer name you type in will appear. This is useful because most often, the sale you want to see is the most recent one for that customer. However, you can pick any sale you want.


Note that as you highlight different sales from the pick-list, the description and price of first two items from the sale will appear on the line above the box. This can help you find the correct sale without having to proceed to the sales detail screen. Because searching for the first items on each sale can slow down this pick-list, you can turn off the search for sales items from the Store Information Defaults section of the program (See page ). See the Show Detail When Scanning Sales option.




│ Sale #:1042                                            SALE TOTAL: ______.__ │

│ NAME: Doe, Bill                                                              │

│ DATE: 12/31/09                                                     CASH SALE │

│ 1 18KY 5.0C SAPH, .25CT DIA @ 1009.99                                        │


Is this the correct Sale #:? Previous Yes Next Edit customer Label  <Esc>=Quit




If the correct sale is displayed, press <Y> to move on, and skip to step 4.


If the displayed sale is not correct, press <N> to see the next sale, or press <P> to see the previous one. When the correct sale appears, press <Y> and skip to step 4.


If you search through all the matching sales without finding the correct one, a message will appear:






Press a key to re-type the sale number or customer information, and repeat this step.