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3. Entering Repairs

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Repairs are in the same basic sales category as layaways because the transaction is not paid for in full until the customer picks up the item.


Choose Enter Layaways or Repairs from the Sales Menu, and enter the repair number and customer name.


When asked for the sale number, you can leave the suggested number if you want sales and repairs to use the same number sequence. If you want, you can make repairs have a different number sequence from sales. (e.g. if you were to enter a sale, a repair and a sale, the numbers could be something like 5021, R03011, 5022). If you want the repairs to have different numbers, enter a letter before the repair number (perhaps an R for Repair, J for Job, E for Envelope). The letter prevents the sale number from advancing.


Entering Repairs is very similar to entering cash sales, so see the Entering Cash Sales section for entering the information up to the Enter General Sale Information step on page ). After that step, the procedure is quite different and you can see the Repairs and Custom Work section for the details on using dummy SKU numbers for repairs, and entering all the repair details.