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2. Void Sale

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If you choose to continue, the following screen will appear:




 #     NUMBER       PRICE  DESCRIPTION                QTY  STYLE      EXTENSION


1    999-99999    99999.99 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ          999  ABCDEFGH   99999.99 T

2    999-99999    99999.99 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ          999  ABCDEFGH   99999.99 T




The sales items and payments information will appear on the screen, then a question will appear on the screen:



Type YES to void this sale: YES    




To confirm that you want to void the sale, type in the word YES (without pressing <Enter>). The system will inform you that the sale has been voided. All items on the sale will be returned to inventory, and all payments on the sale will be reversed.


If you do not want to go ahead and void the sale, leave the answer field blank and press <Enter>. and the following message will show instead:



Sale Has NOT BEEN Deleted: Press Any Key