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To cancel a layaway, choose Edit Sales, Enter Repair/Layaway Pmts from the Sales Menu, and bring up the sale on the sales screen (you can search by sale number or last name).


After bringing up the sale on the screen with all the items showing, move the cursor to the item to be taken off layaway. (See Edit or Delete Items, page ). Then delete the item by changing the quantity to zero; and the weight to zero in the case of merchandise sold by weight.


If there are other items to delete, remove them in the same manner.


There are two basic ways to take care of the deposit that the customer originally put down on the now canceled layaway.


Refund the money. This can be cash, charge, company check or credit slip. See Handing Returns and Refunds (page ) for details on processing refunds.


Keep the deposit. If the customer forfeits the layaway deposit, you have to edit the sale and add a special SKU number in the first blank line to record the confiscated deposit. You need to enter a major class code into the class code files for Forfeited Deposits, and the program will make a dummy SKU number for you, which you can use over and over again. When you type this SKU number in, you have to change the price to the amount of the forfeited deposit. That way, the sale total will balance with the amount paid and the sale will be considered finalized.