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24. Handling Returns and Refunds

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If a customer returns an item the same day it was purchased you can void the sale by choosing the Void a Sale option from the Sales Menu


In all other circumstances, however, you do NOT EDIT the old sale in the computer. Instead, create a new sale number. A return is handled exactly like a new sale, except for the following points:


When prompted for the stock number, type in the sku number of the item being returned. For the quantity, type –1 (negative 1). This lets the system know that you are adding the item back into inventory instead of taking it out.


Type the price as a positive amount, as you would for a normal sale. If you are going to charge a re-stocking fee, you can add there-stocking fee as a dummy SKU number and sell it with a positive quantity on the next line item. You could also reduce the price if you are accepting it back at a lower value than you sold it for.


You will be prompted for the method of refund. Type the appropriate amounts for credit slip, company check or cash. If the return is for a charge customer, type 0 for each method of refund. The system will then credit the amount back to the customer's account.



(Charge Account customer refunds should be credited to customer’s account.)





For charge account returns, you generally don’t issue refunds because you are more likely to just credit the account with the amount of the return. So where you are prompted for refund amount below, enter 0 (zero).




│      SUB TOTAL:  -9999.00│

│            TAX:      9.99│

│     SALE TOTAL:  -9999.99│

│ PAYMENTS REC’D:  -9999.99│

│                 ═════════│

│     REFUND DUE:   9999.99│

│  REFUND AMOUNT:      0.00│





If you will give all or part of the refund in the form of a credit slip, type in the amount (a positive number) below. If you are not issuing a credit slip, leave the amount as zero.



How much should be issued as a credit slip?      0.00




If issuing a credit slip, type or verify the credit slip number below.



CREDIT SLIP NUMBER: 3442        




Next type a brief description in the credit slip.





│  Description                                                        3442     │

│                                                                     Date     │

│  Credit Slip of Exactly  9999 Dollars   &  99 Cents                 12/31/09 │

│                                                                              │

│  Pay To The Order of: James Sloane : 9999 9th Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90034    │





If you don’t issue the refund entirely as a credit slip, you can issue a refund by writing a company check.


Note that on this screen you can make a record that a refund was issued in the form of a company check, but this does NOT post an entry into the checkbook register. If you are using the Jewelry Shopkeeper to track your checkbooks, you will need to post the check by selecting Write a Check from the Checkbook Transactions menu.



How much should be issued as a company check?      0.00




If you are issuing a company check, enter the amount (a positive number) of the check and you will be prompted to type in the sequence number of that check.


If you are not issuing a company check, enter zero, and you will proceed to the regular payment screen.




│      SALE TYPE:    CHARGE│

│    CREDIT CARD: ______.__│

│    CREDIT CARD: ______.__│

│          CHECK: ______.__│

│           CASH: ______.__│

│    CREDIT SLIP: ______.__│

│                 ═════════│

│   THIS PAYMENT: ______.__│

│   STORE CREDIT: ______.__│

└─── Press <Esc> to Quit ──┘




On this screen, be sure to enter any refund amount as a negative number in the cash, check or credit card bins.