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20. Changing the Sale Type

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Although you can choose the type of sale (cash, layaway, charge) you are entering before you have typed in any of the sales detail, you can also change the type afterwards. This is useful if you started typing in the sale, but the customer decides that she can’t take the items with her at this moment and wants to put them on layaway. It’s also useful when you have already typed in the sale, but the customer decides to take a few more minutes before completing the purchase; in this case you can convert the sale to a layaway with no money down, then complete the sale later when the customer is ready by choosing Edit Sales from the Sales Menu.


You can use this feature when converting layaways to charge account sales, where the customer picks up the layaway item and puts the balance on account.


From the payment screen, move the cursor up to the SALE TYPE row and press <Enter> and you will see the Sale Type options in small box to the left:




           │      SALE TYPE: CASH SALE│

┌──────────┐    CREDIT CARD: ______.__│

│CASH SALE │    CREDIT CARD: ______.__│

│LAYAWAY   │          CHECK: ______.__│

│CHARGE    │           CASH: ______.__│

└──────────┘    CREDIT SLIP: ______.__│

           │                 ═════════│

           │   THIS PAYMENT: ______.__│

           │                          │

           └─── Press <Esc> to Quit ──┘




Highlight the new sale type and press <Enter>.


If you choose Charge type and the customer does not already have an in-house charge account set up in the Jewelry Shopkeeper, you can open one, on-the-fly, by answering <Y> to the prompt below:



  Do you want to open a charge account for this customer? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit




If you change the Sale Type to Charge or Layaway type, the program will ask for a down-payment:



How much is this payment?      0.00




If you have typed in a cash sale, but you <Esc> out of the payment screen after entering only a partial payment (or no payment), the program will warn you with the following prompt:



Those numbers don’t add up.

Do you want to accept this amount anyway? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit




If you accept just the partial amount, the customer should not be allowed to take the merchandise, so the Jewelry Shopkeeper automatically converts the sale to a layaway, and you will see the following message:



This sale is now a LAYAWAY. Keep the merchandise on the premises. Press Any Key




This procedure may be necessary if you have already typed in a sale, but the customer isn’t quite ready to leave, and you need to type in the next sale. You can go back later and choose Edit Sales from the Sales Menu to make any item or payment adjustments once the customer is ready.