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1. Select from the Menu

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From the Main Menu, choose SALES, then Create a Special Order. The following screen will appear:




█                 Golden Opportunity ♦ Enter a Special Order                   █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit




   PURCHASE ORDER #:  1002      




The next available purchase order number will appear in the PURCHASE ORDER # field, but if you use pre-printed purchase orders, type the purchase order number from the form. The same PO number cannot be entered for two different purchase orders.


If you will be using the printed purchase order generated by the system, press <Enter> to accept the number shown.


If you accidently choose a number that has already been used, the following message will appear:



P.O. # is in use already. Do you want to edit it? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




Press <N> or <Esc> to go back and type in the correct purchase order number. Only choose <Y> if you have previously entered a purchase order for the item that will be on this special order.


Using an existing purchase order will transfer all of the existing items on that purchase order as well as any new items to this special order sale.