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1. Entering a Layaway/Repair

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Choose Enter Layaways or Repairs from the Sales Menu, and enter the sale number and customer name.


Entering layaways is almost identical to entering cash sales, so see the Cash Sale chapter (the previous chapter) for step-by-step instructions. The difference is that after you have typed in a layaway, the program will ask you for a down payment. (For a cash sale, it assumes the entire amount will be paid off immediately).


Note: You can also type in Layaways and Repairs from the Cash/Charge Sale screen (the previous section), provided you remember to change the Sale Type to Layaway when you reach the Payment Screen (see Changing the Sale Type, page ).


When you put an item on layaway, the regular quantity, or Quantity Available for Sale of that inventory item decreases by one, but the Quantity on Layaway increases by one. When the final payment is made, the Quantity on Layaway decreases by one and the Quantity Available for Sale is not changed, since it would have been already decreased when the layaway was first typed in.