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17. Enter Payment Amount

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If you are entering a cash sale, the program does not ask how much the customer is paying you since it assumes the sale will be paid-in-full; in those cases skip to Step 2. For Layaways, Repairs, Charge Sales and Special Orders, though, the following screen will appear to ask what the down-payment will be:





│      SUB TOTAL: ______.__│

│            TAX: ______.__│

│     SALE TOTAL: ______.__│

│ PAYMENTS REC’D: ______.__│

│                 ═════════│

│    BALANCE DUE: ______.__│

│ PAYMENT AMOUNT:      0.00│





Type the amount the customer is paying toward the sale at this time.


If you type in 1 (one) and <Enter> the program will fill in the payment amount with the remaining balance and will ask you to confirm the amount. This is quicker and more accurate for you than typing in the remaining balance, which is slower to type (e.g. 1 is easier to type than 1423.81). If the payment amount really is just 1, enter 1 <Enter> then type 1 again when it asks you to confirm the amount.