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12. Enter Item  Locations

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If the SKU number you typed is available in more than one location and you have entered the various locations, a box will appear at the bottom of the screen after you enter the style number, where the quantities taken from each location can be indicated.




   ╔══ TAKEN FROM ═══╗

   ║   LOC  QTY      ║

   ║ 1: AA  ___    1 ║

   ║ 2: BB  ___      ║

   ║ 3: CC  ___      ║





If this line does not appear at the bottom of the screen, then that SKU number was located in only one location. In this case, skip this step.


For example, if more than one of the item was sold, one might have been taken from one showcase, and the others from another. This information can be used for sales analysis and insurance purposes.


Up to three locations will display with the quantity available in each. Enter the quantity taken from the location in the space to the right of the corresponding location code. The total of the quantities entered must equal the quantity of the item sold.