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You can add an appraisal to any item you are selling and have typed into the sales screen. Make sure the cursor is highlighting the item to which you need to add an appraisal, and press <Page Up> as prompted on the screen.



             <Pg Up>=Enter an Appraisal           <Left Arrow>=Options




To enter an appraisal for an item that the customer bring in, you have to type in the ‘dummy’ SKU number for appraisals. First you have to enter a major class code for appraisals, making sure that the Repair-type for that class code is set to Appraisals.


Next you will see the screen where you can type in the appraisal. If you had previously entered “Extended Detail” for the item being appraised, the detail would be copied to the appraisal screen where you can edit it if needed. Also type the appraised value that you want to appear on the printed appraisal. If an appraisal is typed in the Notes at the time the item is first received (this is the time that the most information is known about any particular item) only the item’s value will need to be verified.


The appraisal screen is fairly simple and does not try to format the details you type in. However, the appraisal does print out onto pre-printed appraisal forms (NEBS form 128-3) and is stored with the customer’s history so you can edit this sale later and view or change the appraisal for reprinting.


To re-access an appraisal at a later date, Edit the sale with the appraisal, highlight the appraisal line of the sales invoice and press <Page Up>.




║ DESCRIPTION                                                    ║

║ Lady’s 14 Karat yellow gold diamond solitaire. This            ║

║ ring is set with one (1) round diamond (Type:                  ║

║ Diamond, Shape & Cut; Round Old European, Measure-             ║

║ ments: 6.2mm X 3.9mm. Approxmiate Weight: 1.00                 ║

║ Carat. Depth 56.7. Table Diameter 58.6%. Girdle                ║

║ Thickness: Medium to thick. Culet size: Large.                 ║

║ Finish: Good. Clarity: F-G. Color Grade: VS1)                  ║

║ The white gold head offsets the diamond from the               ║

║ high dome shank.                                               ║

║                                                          VALUE ║

║                                                        4000.00 ║





After you have typed the appraisal, you can print it out if you need to.



Print only This appraisal, All appraisals on this sale, adjust Format or None.




Choose This appraisal to print just this one appraisal. Choose All appraisals on this sale if you have entered more than one appraisal on this sales ticket and want to print them all on the same appraisal form.


Choose adjust Format if you want to modify the positioning of the appraisal on the pre-printed form. You can use this to move the name, address, description amount and date positioning. You can move them up, down, left and right on the page to better fit your form, if it is similar to, but not identical to the standard NEBS appraisal (Style 128-3). Any changes made are saved, so you should not have to adjust the format again if you keep the same form.



║ Enter the number of appraisals per page:      1    Date to print: 12/31/09   ║

║                                                                              ║

║ Enter the number of copies you need to print: 1                              ║

║                                                                              ║

║ Enter the printing positions for the following:                              ║

║                                                             First line of    ║

║              Name   Address   Description   Amount   Date   Description      ║

║   Vertical:   21      23          28                 20      width: 10       ║

║ Horizontal:   24      24          26          51     50          0           ║

║                                                                              ║

║ Message to appear after Appraisals:    -- End of Appraisal --                ║





The First line of Description parameters are used if you enter the basic item description in a column to the left of the verbose description. For example, when you type in the appraisal, you could type the first line as ’Diamond Wedding Band’. If you do use this style of appraisal, also enter the width of the first column, for example 10 letters wide.


If you leave either of these two numbers (First line of description or width) 0 then the first line of the appraisal will print normally on top of the rest of the lines.