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4.Print Zip Code Totals Report

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You can print a report to show the number of customers that have specific zip codes for labels. The post office requires all zip codes be bundled correctly on all bulk mail and the zip code report will help you bundle the mail.


This report can be printed before labels are printed to find out how many labels will be needed for the mailing, or afterwards to enable you to calculate postage costs.


In order to make an accurate count, you must leave options 1 through 7 set the same way for both the printing of the labels and the printing of the report. For example, if you choose zip codes 81211 - 84372 for the labels you must choose 81211 - 84372 for the report.


To print the report, choose Print a Zip Code Totals Report and the following message will appear:



This report will be accurate if you use the same conditions

as you used to print the labels. (ie, zip codes, customer types)



          Do you want to print a zip code totals? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




Press <Y> to print the report, or <N> to cancel.


Make sure plain paper (not label stock) is loaded in the printer, and press <Y> to start the report.


When the report has printed, the label menu will re-appear.