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3.Start Printing Labels or Create a Mail Merge File

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To begin printing labels for selected customers, choose Start Printing Labels or Create a Mail Merge File.


The following message will appear:



 Do you want to sort by Zip Code or Unique Address or Last Name?  <Esc>=Quit




The customer file must be sorted by zip code if you are printing labels for a bulk mailing. Unique Address sorts by zip code and carrier route, but will only print one label for each address. Just sorting by Zip Code alone will print multiple labels for each address if you have more than one account in certain households. Sorting by Last Name may be more convenient if you need to match the labels to letters or invitations with the customers’ names already on them.



Do you want to print 1, 3 or 4 across labels? [or \Merge1.js file]  <Esc>=Quit



Some continuous-feed labels have a single long column of labels, and others have 3– or 4–across. Check the type of labels you are using for the number of labels across, and type the number. Note that a 4-across cheshire label requires a 132-column printer. See System Requirements (page ) for the type of labels to use.


Choosing MERGE1.JS will not print labels, instead it will create a file called \MERGE1.JS (merge1.js in the root directory). This file will contain the names and addresses and other customer information. If you know how to use your word processor’s mail merge feature you can use this mail merge file to create customized letters and envelopes.


If you chose to print labels, the following message will appear:


               Do you want to print a sample? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




You can print a sample label to ensure your labels are aligned correctly in the printer. After the sample prints, check the label and adjust the printer if necessary. You can print a sample over and over, adjusting the labels each time until they are aligned.


Press <Y> to print a sample, or <N> to start printing the customer names on the labels.


When the labels have printed, the label menu will re-appear. you can then print a report on the number of labels printed, or press <0> to return to the previous menu.