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3. Class Code Month to Date Sales Report

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This report can report sales from the current sales file (usually the past eleven months) or it can report data from a yearly archive file. At this time, this report cannot include sales from multiple sales files on a single report. The following message will appear:



Enter C if you want to report for the current file.

What yearly file do you want to report for?  C




Type <C> to report sales from the current sales file or type the year of the sales file that you want to examine, such as 92.



         Do you want to specify a Period or a Date range?  <Esc>=Quit




Next choose whether you want to specify a sales period or a date range. Sales periods usually correspond to months, but if you don’t close the sales period on the last day of the month, then some sales periods may be shorter or longer than the actual month.



Enter the beginning period:  4  and the ending period:  4


Enter the beginning date: 04/01/99  and the ending date: 04/30/99




Type in the time period for which you want to report sales.



           Do you want to Display or Print this report?  <Esc>=Quit




Press <D> to display the report on the screen, <P> to print the report on the printer, or <Esc> to cancel.


When the report has finished, the first screen will appear. You can return to step 1 to print another report, or press <0> to return to the menu.