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2.Choose Customers to Print

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The following options allow you to choose which customers to print on the labels:


Don’t choose any of the selections unless you specifically want to restrict the report to those items. For example, if you want to include all customers, you don’t even have to choose the For Customers option.


For Customers*} To print labels for a range of customers, enter the beginning and ending customer names. For example, to print labels for all customers whose last names begin with M, type M as the start of the range and MZZZ as the end of the range. If you want all customer names to print, don’t use this option because Jewelry Shopkeeper assumes that all names will be printed.


For Zip Codes*} To print labels for customers with zip codes in a specific range, type the starting and ending zip codes. To select one zip code only, type the selected zip code as both the beginning and the end of the range. You don’t need to use this option if you want all zip codes to print.


You will likely want to enter a starting zip code of at least 00500 to prevent customers with no zip codes from printing.


For Which Customer Types*} Use this option to print labels for customers of a specified type only. You can enter as many types as needed by choosing this option repeatedly. Note that you can choose to include or exclude the list of customer types you choose. To clear the list you have typed in, type XX.


For YTD Purchases Between*} To print labels for customers with a year-to-date purchase amount within a certain range, type the range of amounts.


For ‘Temporary’ Purchases Between:*} The temporary purchase bin is a dollar amount that is filled-in from the Customer Sales Reports screen. This number could be a dollar value of all the rings each customer bought or all the Dior watches, or the value of all items purchased between 2/14/93 and 5/2/93, etc. This bin is called ‘temporary’ because you can change its value each time you run the Customer Sales Reports Temporary Purchases option.


For Last Purchase Date Between:*} Use this option to restrict the labels to customers whose last purchase was within a specified date range.


Change the information on these options by using the <↑> and <↓> keys to highlight the option and press <Enter>, or just press the number to the left of the option.