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1.Enter the Physical Inventory

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Do you want to import an ASCII file of Sku Numbers? No Yes Barcode  <Esc>=Quit



The first way of entering the physical inventory into the program is to create a file on your computer that contains all the SKU numbers. You can create this file using a word processor and just typing in all the SKU numbers of the items in the store. If you do use a word processor be sure to save the file in ASCII (sometimes called Text or DOS Text) format.


Another way of creating the ASCII file is to enter all the SKU numbers of the merchandise into portable data collectors that usually have barcode readers attached to them. After collecting the data, you will have to attach the data collector to your computer and transfer the data into an ASCII file. For details on transferring the data, you would have to refer to the instructions that accompanied your data collector. Also note that many data collectors cannot store all your inventory into their memory at one time. If not, you will have to transfer the data to your computer when the data collector’s memory gets full, empty it out and then collect more data and continue the process.


If you have created an ASCII file for your physical inventory, press <Y>.


Another way of entering the physical inventory is to simply bring the merchandise to the computer and then type in each SKU number. To simply type in the physical SKU numbers, press <N>.


Another way of entering the physical inventory, if you use barcoded inventory tags is to bring the merchandise to the computer, and then scan in each barcode. To enter the tags with a barcode reader, press <B>.



 There are 123 entries. Do you want to Delete them or Add to them?  <Esc>=Quit




Next the program checks to see if there are any items already in the physical inventory file and if there are will ask you what to do with them. If you are starting a brand new physical inventory, you will want to delete all the previous items from the file so your new physical inventory will not contain extraneous items from the last time; if this is the case, press <D>.


If you are continuing entering physical inventory in a project that you started earlier, you will want to leave the existing items in the file (so you don’t have to retype them) and you will want to Add to them; in this case, press <A>. This way it is possible to piece together the different parts of a physical inventory if more than one person is involved, or if you take the inventory in more than just one sitting.


Next is the screen that lets you type in each item’s SKU number and quantity.




║                                                                              ║

║                                                                              ║

║                                                                              ║

║                                                                              ║

║                                                                              ║

║                                                                              ║

╔═════════════════════════╗ ┌────────────┐  ┌────────────┐ ╔═══════════════════╗

║     -    0  Qty:   1    ║ │            │──│            │ ║<Pg Up>=List       ║

║  Sku No                 ║ │            │  │            │ ║<Pg Dn>=Browse     ║

║                         ║ │            │──│            │ ║  <Esc>=Quit       ║

╚═════════════════════════╝ └────────────┘  └────────────┘ ╚═══════════════════╝




To correct a mistake, you need to type the SKU number and enter –1 for the quantity (or minus whatever number you had entered). You may also choose the Browse feature and fix mistakes on the screen directly in the physical inventory database file.


If you are scanning in barcoded SKU numbers, the quantity is already filled in for you with the number ‘1’. To change the quantity (for example, to fix a mistake as described above by entering –1, or to enter a large number so you don’t have to scan in dozens of the same sku number) press <←> to move the cursor into the QTY field and change it before scanning the barcode.