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3. Enter Requests/Offers

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The following screen will appear:




│  CUSTOMER #:  1166                              │

│  NAME:  MARIA M. MULDOONE                       │

│  ADDRESS:                                       │                         B

│   ____________________________                  │                         U

│   ____________________________                  │                       A Y

│  PHONE(S): (213) 805-1212   (___) ___-____      │                       C /

└─────────────────────────────────────────────────┘                       T S

                                                                          I E

                                                                          V L

#  STYLE         CLASS         DESCRIPTION        QTY      PRICE  DATE    E L







Both the requested and offered items are entered on the same screen. Enter one line per item requested or offered. The last field, BUY/SELL, determines whether the customer wants to buy or sell the item.


#*} The line number appears automatically, and cannot be changed. You can refer to the line number later if you want to change this line later.


STYLE*} Type the manufacturer code and style of the item, if any. This information can be used to periodically to cross reference the requested items with the inventory file or with items offered for sale by other customers. If the style you typed is currently listed in the inventory file (even if the quantity is zero) the remainder of the information will be filled in for you.


Many times a customer makes a general request for a type of merchandise, yet a manufacturer or style number is unknown. These types of requests can also be entered, but meaningful abbreviations must be used. For example, if a manufacturer code is unknown, you could type ALL or ANY. If the customer is looking to for a 18KY charm bracelet, type the major class code in the style number. If you also know they like herringbone, type an abbreviation for that. In this example the MFG and Style fields may look like this; ALL-310/HER. The next time some chains come in you may search for this customer by this made-up style number. The key is to use abbreviations consistently.


CLASS*} Type the major and minor class codes.


DESCRIPTION*} Type a brief description of the item. If the style number was found, the description will be filled in automatically, but you can change it if necessary.


QTY*} Type the quantity of the item being requested or offered. To delete the item, type a zero (0).


PRICE*} If this is an offer, type the price the customer is asking for the item. If this is a request, type the approximate amount the customer is willing to pay.


DATE*} Type the date the request/offer was made.


ACTIVE*} If the customer is willing to buy or sell right now or in the near future, the item is active. Type <Y> if the item is active, or <N> if not. Note that there is an option from the Customer Requests menu to purge requests, so you can use the Active/Inactive field to help you purge unneeded items at a later date.


BUY/SELL*} Choose Buy if the customer wants to buy, or Sell to sell the item.