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2. View Customer List

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The following screen will appear:



  ABC-1234ABCD      999 999 DIAMOND BRACELET


 ID        NAME                     CITY / STATE        TO:        PRICE   QTY


     9999  Smith, Sam               Santa Monica, CA    SELL @     100.00  1

     9998  Finney, Sandra           Pelham, NY           BUY @     999.00  1




A line will appear for each customer that wants to buy or sell the item.


ID*} The customer number.


NAME*} The name and address of the customer that wants to buy/sell the item.


CITY/STATE*} The city and state where the customer lives.


WANTS TO*} If the customer wants to buy the item, the word BUY will appear in this column. If the customer has the item to sell, the word SELL will appear.


PRICE*} If the customer wants to sell the item, the desired selling price appears in this column. If the customer wants to buy, the price the customer is willing to pay for the item appears in this field.


QTY*} The quantity the customer wants to buy or sell.


When you have looked over the list of customers, press <Enter>. The first screen will appear. You can return to step 1 to enter another item, or press <Esc> to return to the menu.