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Note about Entering Repairs

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Custom Work may only be added from the Sales Menu. Before you can include a custom work order in a sale, a major category or categories must be created and dummy SKU numbers for repairs and custom work orders must be in the system.


The dummy SKU numbers will automatically be created when one or more class codes for repairs and custom work are added in the Enter/Edit Major Class Codes feature. You could have just one class code for repairs or you can categorize custom work procedures by setting up different class codes. For example, you can have separate class codes for custom work procedures, and you can use different SKU numbers to further differentiate the types. Alternatively, you can just create one SKU number and put all your custom work under this one SKU number to simplify things, however, that would make your repair reports less detailed.


The sample class codes and dummy SKU numbers below are just to give you ideas. You must set up your system to suit the needs of your store.


900 Watch repairsa class code with Repair Type 1

  900-00002 Replace Crystala dummy SKU number

  900-00010 Replace Battery"     "       "      "



901 Ring repairsa class code with Repair Type 1

  901-00001 Resize Ringa dummy SKU number

  901-00005 Reset Stone"     "       "      "



910 Custom work a class code with Repair Type 2

  910-00001 Custom Worka dummy SKU number



In the Major Class Codes Maintenance program, the class codes that you are using for repairs must be either repair category 1 (for regular repairs and work) or repair category 2 (for custom work where you want to manufacture a piece from findings). Look in the manual under Class Code Maintenance for help in setting up these class codes.