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This procedure describes the entry of detailed information on repairs.


It is possible to enter the repair as a sale item without entering detail. However, it is highly recommended that you follow this procedure to track the repairs in detail to protect yourself and the customer.


The information entered for a repair is less detailed than the data for custom work. However, if a repair is extensive, it is recommended that you enter the job as custom work rather than a repair. Conversely, a simple custom job can be entered as a repair. To enter custom work or an extensive repair, see the next chapter, Enter Custom Work.


Before starting this procedure, you should have set up major class codes for repairs by following the instructions in the class code maintenance chapter.


A repair is entered as an item on a layaway sale. Before beginning this procedure, follow the steps in the chapter Create a Layaway up to step 5 (or Create a Cash/Charge Account Sale if it is paid in full), then start with step 1 of this procedure.