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9.Inventory Used

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If you will be using raw material from your inventory to perform the job, choose the Inventory Used option.


The following screen will appear:




 #     NUMBER        COST  DESCRIPTION                QTY  STYLE      EXTENSION


  1     -       ______.__  _________________________    1  ________   ______.__N





Type in each item needed to do the custom work.


LINE #*} The line number is a reference. It is provided automatically by the system, and cannot be changed.


SKU NUMBER*} (Stock Keeping Unit Number) Type the SKU number of the item used. If your inventory is tagged, the SKU number can be found on the item's tag.


Leading zeros do not have to be entered. For example, if the stock number is 001-10000, you can type a 1 for 001, then type 10000. Do not type the dash (-) between the two parts of the number.


Once the stock number has been entered, the style, class code, description, and unit price will automatically appear.


COST*} Unit cost. This field will automatically appear as the cost that was entered when the item was received. The cost can be changed.


If the item is bought by weight, this amount is the per unit cost. This cost will be multiplied by the weight to determine the final cost.


If item is bought by the piece, then the extended cost will be determined by quantity multiplied by the cost.


DESCRIPTION*} The description for the stock number will automatically appear in this field. Press <Enter> to accept this description.


If necessary, you can type in a different description for this particular sale. The new description will not affect the usual description for the SKU number.


QTY*} Type in the number of items used. A 1 automatically appears in this field. Even if the item is sold by weight, you must enter the number of pieces being used. Press <Enter> to accept the 1, or enter another quantity. The inventory quantity is reduced by the amount entered. Do not enter zero unless you want to delete the line.


(WEIGHT)*} This field appears only if the item is sold by weight. If this field appears at the bottom right of the screen, type in the weight of the item being used in the usual units for this item. Do not enter zero unless you want to delete the line.


STYLE*} The style code that corresponds to the SKU number automatically appears.


Type in the SKU number, and change the description if desired. Type in the quantity or weight being used, and change the unit price if necessary. These items are automatically removed from inventory and will be kept as detail for this Custom Job unless otherwise edited.


Additional items are entered in the same manner. Press <Esc> when all items have been entered.