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8.Work in Progress

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To record the location and status of the job, choose the Work In Progress option. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen:



           Work-in-progress: Update, Display or Print?   <Esc>=Quit




Press <U> to update, <D> to display, <P> to print the work in progress, or <Esc> to cancel this option.


There is a fifth choice, <Z>, that does not display, but that you can select. This choice is similar to <U>, but allows you to make any changes you want. This feature is recommended only for the experienced user.


If you press <U> or <D> or <Z>, the following screen will appear:



 CUSTOMER:  _______     JOB ORDER #:  _______        CUSTOM STYLE #:  ______

          Dept:    Estimate   Actual    Dollars  Jeweler Date In      Date out


           EST        xxxx      xxxx                     10/19/89       /  /

           WAX       _____     _____     _____             /  /         /  /

 labor @   CST       _____     _____     _____             /  /         /  /

           STK        xxxx      xxxx                       /  /         /  /

 $_____    GEN       _____     _____     _____             /  /         /  /

           MLD       _____     _____     _____             /  /         /  /

           SET       _____     _____     _____             /  /         /  /

   Tot Labor $      ______     _____                                        

                                                     DATE CALLED:       /  /

 O/S Desc.                           Subcontractor:                         

 ----------                          -------------                          

                    ______     _____                       /  /         /  /

                    ______     _____                       /  /         /  /


 METAL              ______    ______       COMPLETION DATE: ______      /  /

 STONES             ______    ______          PICK UP DATE: ______      /  /

 FINDINGS           ______    ______               BY WHOM: ________        


 Total--            ______    ______



Take a few moments to look over the screen. The tasks appear in the top half of the screen at the left, with one column for the estimate and another for the actual time spend. The Date In and Date Out columns at the right are for the dates the task was started was started and ended. More than one task at a time may be performed on the piece, so you are allowed to enter overlapping dates for different tasks.


The hourly rate for in-house labor appears at the left of the screen, which is the rate that you enter from the Store Information Defaults screen under System Maintenance.


O/S Desc means Description of Outside Services subcontracted.


The lower left half of the screen shows the quantity and cost of metal, stones, and findings used. The total price of any metal, stones, or findings entered with the Inventory Used option (described in step 9) will appear next to the appropriate label.


The lower right half shows the completion information. When the completion date is entered, the job is considered complete.


If you pressed <D> for display, press <Enter> to return to the menu, and skip to step 9.

If you pressed <U> for update, press <Enter> to begin entry. The cursor will move to the first blank date field at the upper right of the screen.


If you enter a Date In and Date Out, the cursor will move to the Actual column at the left, where you can enter the actual hours spent.


To make other entries on the screen, press <Enter> to move the cursor from field to field. If you press <Enter> without entering data, the program will assume you want to end entry. In this case, the following message will appear:



           Do you want to make any more entries? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit




Press <Y> to continue entry, or <N> to end entry. Note that before Jewelry Shopkeeper will recognize a job as complete, you must have typed in a pick-up date.