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6.Computer Estimate

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When you have entered the above estimates, the following message will appear:



         Do you want computer estimate adjustments? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit




Press <N> to move to the next step, or type <Y> to have the system correct your estimate by using actual costs from previous jobs.


If you will not be performing this function, skip to the next step.


If you type <Y>, a message will appear:



    Are you sure you want computer estimate adjustments? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit




You can cancel the computer estimate by typing <N>, or verify that you want the process to occur by typing <Y>.


If you type <Y>, the system will look at all of the previous jobs on file and compare the original estimates and the subsequent actual times and amounts. For example, the program could find that on average you overestimate the waxing time required by 10%, and underestimate the general jewelry by 15%. In this case the program can reduce the waxing and increase the general jewelry estimates by the appropriate amounts. When the system has finished, the COST and MARK UP RATE fields will appear at the right of the screen.