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2.Make Selections

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This screen allows you to choose the custom work or repairs to appear on the report, and the order in which they will appear.


To change one of these options, use the <↑> and <↓> keys to highlight the option, and type the information required by the selection.


Show Picked-Up Jobs?*} Choose Yes to show only jobs with ‘Pick-up’ dates (jobs with pick-up dates), No to show only jobs that haven’t been picked-up, or Either to print both picked up and non picked-up jobs. If you choose Yes you can type in the range of pick-up dates for jobs that you want to report.


Certain Due Dates (Target Dates)*} Choose Yes to enter a range of date. Jobs due within the date range entered will show on the report. If you choose All, no job will be excluded from the report because the Due Date doesn’t fall into a specified range.


Certain Completed Dates*} Choose Yes to show only jobs with Completed dates (jobs with completed dates), No to show only jobs that haven’t been completed, or Either to print both completed and non-completed jobs.


Repairs or Custom Work*} Repairs refers to repairs and simple custom work. Custom Work refers to custom work or complex repairs. Press <Enter> on this option to select between Repairs to print repairs only, or Custom to print custom work only. You cannot see both on the same report since the reports for Repairs and Custom work have different layouts.


Sort by Job, Name, Target Date, Amount Due, Location or Vendor*} Press <Enter> on this option to change the order in which the jobs will be sorted on the report.


Show Jobs in Location:*} Choose this option if you only want to see jobs that are currently in a specific location. Select this option then type in the desired location.


Show Jobs Sent Out*} This option can let you see only jobs which have been sent to an outside vendor but have not been received back, or it can let you see only the jobs which have been sent to an outside vendor and have been received back. You can also choose to ignore the sent-out status for the report. Press <Enter> on this option to switch between the three choices.


Display, Print, Wide, Compressed*} The report can be displayed on the screen or printed on the printer. If the report will be printed, you can print on regular size paper or, if you have one, you could print on a wide-carriage printer which has room to print more detail. The wide report can also print the same detailed report on a standard-size printer by using small (compressed) characters.


Start Report*} After you have made your selections above, start the report by choosing this option. The report will be displayed or printed according to what you have selected in the Display, Print, Wide, Compressed option above.


When the report has finished, the report menu will re-appear. You can print another report, or press <0> to return to the previous menu screen or <Esc> to return to the Main Menu.