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2.Make Selection

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The first option allows you to print completed jobs, incomplete jobs, or both. Press <Enter> until Yes appears to print only completed jobs and you will be asked to type in the range of completion dates you want to view. Choose No to print only incomplete (in-progress) jobs, or Either to print a report with both complete and in-progress custom work.


Before the report can be printed, it must be processed. You have the choice of processing and printing the report, or processing only.


Processing the report can take many minutes depending on the number of jobs in your system. If you want to process the report now to be printed later, select option 3, Process Only. Note that you only need to process the report if you have made any changes or additions to the custom jobs since the last time they were processed.


To print the report, select option 2, Print. When the report has printed, the menu will re-appear. This report cannot be displayed on-screen — only printed on paper.