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1.Verify Screen Display

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Be sure the item fields are displayed on your screen:




 #     NUMBER       PRICE  DESCRIPTION                QTY  STYLE      EXTENSION


  1  CST-00001  ______.__  _________________________  ___  ________   ______.__N




If this screen is not displayed on your monitor, follow the procedure in the chapter Create a Layaway up to the Enter Sale Items step. Begin this procedure when the screen shown above is displayed on your monitor.


If the custom work is entered on a charge account, or is paid in full, you can enter it using the Charge/Cash Sales procedure.


Many times when a custom work is logged, the final price has not been established. In these cases, you can enter the Price as $0.00. If a sale balance is $0.00 at the end of that sale, an option will allow you to ‘Finalize’ the sale or leave it ‘Open’. You must choose to leave the sale open in these instances. When a price is established, use the Edit Sales, Enter Repair/Layaway Pmts feature to type the selling price.