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Short-list of compatible printers which have PCL and parallel ports:


Laser printers are quicker than inkjet printers so they're better for

point of sale receipts and for long reports. The toner is generally more

economical than inkjet cartridges.


HP Laserjet 1150, 1160, 1320, 2300, 2420

(The 2300 and 2420 have two trays and an optional third)


Lower priced Brother Laser printers: HL5150D, HL5140 and HL1440 (slower)

The 5150D benefits from two input trays and the 5150DLT has three.

(note that the HL2040 is NOT compatible)


HP Deskjet (inkjets) 5550, 5650, 6122


If you have a current version of Jewelry Shop-Pro and Windows XP you can

also use PCL compatible printers using a USB port (though the parallel

connector remains much easier)


For price-tags you use specialty barcode tag printers such as a

Citizen CLP-6002, Citizen CLP-621, Datamax E4203 or the FastMark 402.

Note that barcode tag printers print ONLY tags (nothing else).

Standard laser and inkjet printers do NOT print price tags.