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Picture Taking

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The Visual Jewelry Shopkeeper Image Viewer

screen which allows you to view or add pictures

to inventory items and repairs (and customers and clerks, etc)

has a button to "Edit Picture"


This will allow you to touch-up pictures by cropping them,

annotatomg them, or enhancing them in other ways.


The usual photo software is the "MS Paint" program built-in

to Windows. However, you may own a more sophisticated

photo editing program which you can activate in VJS

with these steps.


Open the file C:\VISUALJS\VISUALJS.INI with Notepad

and add these two lines anywhere



PROGRAM=C:\Program Files\Xara\Xara Xtreme 3.2\XtremePhoto\XtremePhoto.exe


where you'll change the part after the = equals sign

to your own photo software program.


To edit the VISUALJS.INI file choose Start, Run, NOTEPAD, then

in Notepad choose File, Open and type C:\VISUALJS\VISUALJS.INI

and click "Open"


You can find the photo software filename by finding the photo

software in the Windows Start / Programs tree, right-clicking

it, choosing Properties and looking at the "Target" box.

You can highlight and copy the Target box to make it easier

to add to the VISUALJS.INI file.


The "Target" box may have quotes surrounding the filename.

In the INI file you can leave them in or remove them.


Note that changing the VISUALJS.INI file on one computer will

NOT affect any other computer even if you have a network.


Note that right after you save the picture in your photo software

it might not immediately reflect in VJS - but it likely

will by the time you re-retrieve that inventory (or repair) item.