Store Information Defaults

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This part of the program allows you customize the Jewelry Shopkeeper to meet the needs of your business. A default is a piece of information that automatically appears in a field as you use the system. For example, when you enter a new customer into the program, the phone area-code should default to the area-code for your store’s vicinity. This part of the program allows you to enter the defaults for state tax, area-code, city, state, zip, screen colors, format for customer receipts and more.


On many screens in the system, a field is automatically filled in for you, and then you are allowed to change it if necessary. The data in the field is provided to make data entry easier for you. You can simply press <Enter> to accept the information rather than having to type in the data yourself each time.


Use this procedure to enter your store's information, and the default information to be used throughout the system.