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This procedure describes how to enter passwords and to set up a security system for your program.


You choose whether or not you want the Jewelry Shopkeeper to use passwords to restrict access to the program. If you are the only person who uses the computer, you may find it more convenient not to use this security. If the system is used by many people you may want to allow only certain people to access particular functions such as voiding sales, writing company checks, looking up inventory costs etc.


If you set up passwords, you must first familiarize yourself with the program and all of the menu choices to decide which security level to apply to each of the different modules. You may want to allow everyone to enter sales into the computer, so you would make Sales a Level 1 function. You may want to restrict Voiding Sales to managers who could be, for example, Level 4 or 5. You may want to restrict the writing of company checks to owners who could be, for example, Level 9 or 10.