Printer Redirection

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The Jewelry Shopkeeper performs many different types of printing, general reports; different types of sales receipts, accounts receivable statements, mailing labels, repair labels, checks, appraisals and inventory tags, and many others. For this reason, installing more than one printer will save you from frequently changing paper in the printer. Also, you may want a special printer for certain task, such as a small printer for sales receipts. The purpose of the Printer Redirection section is to let you specify which printers should be used for each of the different tasks. The Jewelry Shopkeeper, then, will be able to automatically switch to the correct printer for each print job.


This section also allows you to redirect printer output to files on disk, which you can then view or process using a word processor, spreadsheet or database if you know how to use those programs to import reports. This section does not allow you to change the printer control codes. See the Printer Control Codes section above to change the codes.


If you do add additional printers to your computer, Compulink recommends the use of printers with Parallel interfaces, which usually requires that you add additional parallel port cards (LPT2, LPT3) to your computer. Serial ports (COM ports) can be made to work, but are considerably more complicated to configure.