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9. Enter Accepted Credit Cards

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█                   GoldStar Jewelers ♦ Charge Cards Setup                     █


   Enter the names of charge cards that you accept, and the percentage that

   the company deducts from its payment.  When accepting a charge card payment

   from a customer, type the name of the credit card in the ‘REFERENCE’ field.

   If you want to treat a charge card company as an in-store charge account

   which has a balance, add a customer to your mailing list with the same name

   you enter below, and also open a charge account for it.  Assign them a

   distinctive CUSTOMER TYPE so you can exclude them from customer mailings.


                    ║  Charge Card Name       Percentage  ║

                    ║  VISA                        3.750  ║

                    ║  MASTERCARD                  3.750  ║

                    ║  AMEX                        5.000  ║

                    ║  DISCOVER                    3.500  ║





On this screen you can enter the names of the credit cards that your store accepts. This is optional, but if you do fill it in, the Jewelry Shopkeeper will keep track of the percentage points that each credit card company is taking off the sales. Also, if a certain credit card company only pays you with a check once a month or so, you may want to set up a charge customer account for that credit card to track the balance they owe you. For example, if you want the Jewelry Shopkeeper to keep track of the balance that American Express owes you, you would enter the charge card name on this screen (AMX or AMEX, etc.), then you would open a charge customer account with the same Last Name (AMX or AMEX, etc.) You set up charge account customers from the Customer Maintenance Menu.