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8. Paid Out and Received Report

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To print a report of paid-outs and miscellaneous cash received amounts, choose Paid Out and Received Report from the menu and the following message will appear:



Enter the dates that you want to report for:  12/31/99  through 12/31/99

(Leave dates blank to show all items that have not cleared yet)




To see only paid-outs and cash received for a certain date range, type the range of dates. To just paid-outs and miscellaneous receipts entered since the last Z–Report, leave the dates blank.


Next choose whether to display or print the report:



            Do you want to Print or Display the report?  <Esc>=Quit




Press <D> to display the report on the screen, <P> to print the report on the printer, or <Esc> to cancel the report. After the report has printed, the menu will re-appear.