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8. Re-Assign Major Class Code

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This option allows you to give an inventory category a new major class code. For example, if Gents Engagement Rings were under major class code 178, you could use this option to move them to major class code 215, if necessary. You should not move the category to a major class code that already exists.


This procedure can be quite time-consuming since it has to update the inventory file, sales files, inventory detail files, return files and more.




█                Golden Opportunity ♦ Change Major Class Codes                 █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



  Enter old Major Class Code number assignment:    


  Enter new Major Class Code number assignment:    




The new major class code that you choose should be one that is currently unused. If you type in a new major class code that does already have a description, you will see the warning below.



That new Class is already assigned to ____________________. Continue? No Yes




Reassigning a major class code to one that already has inventory items in it will likely lead to duplicate SKU numbers since items in the old major class code and the new major class code could both have the same five-digit suffix.


Only choose <Y> to continue if you know that the new class code does not have any inventory items that could end up with duplicate SKU numbers.