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7. Customize Half-Page Sales Receipts

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The next screen mostly applies to customizing the Half-Page Receipt which allows you to fine-tune the layout. This receipt can print on different lengths of receipt and can use blank or pre-printed receipts. Some of the options below also apply to the 40-column and the full-page receipts.


ENTER THE LENGTH OF THE HALF-PAGE RECEIPT (5.5”,7” OR 11”)*} Although it is called the half-page receipt, you can decide how long the receipt should be from one of three standard page sizes. However, by changing the printer control code associated with each of these page lengths, and changing the length reduction below, you can make the half-page receipt fit any length of receipt.


ENTER THE LEFT MARGIN ON THE FORM FOR THE COMPANY NAME*} Type the position across the page where you want your company name printed. A smaller number is further to the left, a larger number is further to the right. If you choose not to print the company name or address on the half-page receipt, this option will be ignored.





█         Enter the defaults appropriate for your Half-Page receipts.          █


█  Enter the number of description characters to print (25):...........25      █

█  Enter the length of the Half-Page receipt (5.5”,7” or 11”) (5):      5      █

█  Enter the left margin on the form for the company name: (20)        27      █

█  Enter the center position on the form for the address: (40)         53      █

█  Enter the overall left margin on the form: (0)                       4      █

█  Print your store name on the Half-Page receipt?: (Y)                Y       █

█   If yes, do you want the store name before the receipt?: (N)        Y       █

█   If yes, what line should the store name print on?: (0)              3      █

█  Enter the number of blank lines before the customer name: (0)        3      █

█  Enter the width reduction: (0)                                      11      █

█  Enter the length reduction: (0)                                      0      █

█  Do you want one column or two for the sale summary: (2)             1       █

█  Enter the number of times each receipt should be printed: (1)       2       █

█  Print the Style instead of the Sku Number or Both?: (N, Y or B).....N       █

█  Print repair instructions on the customer receipts? (N)             Y       █

█  Print the customer number on the receipts? (Y)                      Y       █

█  Print customer phone number on receipts? (N)........................Y       █

█  Are Installment, Layaway and Work Contracts printed?: (Y)           N       █

█  On the sales screen, do you want the option to print Full Page Receipts? N  █

█  40-Column? N, Half-Page? Y, Labels? Y                                       █

▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ <Esc>=Quit ▀▀▀





ENTER THE NUMBER OF DESCRIPTION CHARACTERS TO PRINT*} Type in how much of the description you want to print on customer receipts. Usually you want the whole description (25 characters) to print. However, if you use the last part of the description for your own information that you don’t want printed on receipts, you can choose to print only the twenty or so characters of the description.


ENTER THE CENTER POSITION ON THE FORM FOR THE ADDRESS*} Type the position across the page where you want your address centered.


ENTER THE OVERALL LEFT MARGIN ON THE FORM*} Type the number of spaces for the left margin of the receipt.



PRINT YOUR STORE NAME ON THE HALF-PAGE RECEIPT?*} If your receipts have your store name pre-printed on them, you should choose Not to have the Jewelry Shopkeeper print the name too. If your receipts are plain then the Jewelry Shopkeeper should print the name instead.


Some dot matrix printers have difficulty printing at the very top of a page or tearing off a receipt, so you have an option of printing the receipt without the heading then printing the store name on the top of the next receipt ready for the next sale. This helps because the receipt is fed a few more lines after each receipt helping you tear it off, and the next receipt can start printing several lines below the top of the form which is often more reliable. To print the store name at the top of the next receipt, choose N.


You can adjust which line the store name is printed on; a larger line makes the store name be printed lower on the page.


ENTER THE NUMBER OF BLANK LINES BEFORE THE CUSTOMER NAME*} You can increase the number of blank lines left between the store name and the start of the receipt information.


ENTER THE WIDTH REDUCTION*} By default, the half-page receipt takes up the full width of the paper. However, you can reduce the width that it uses by typing in a number greater than zero. If the width is reduced, the width of the Description column is reduced, which could cause the description to take more than one line for each item on the sale.


ENTER THE LENGTH REDUCTION*} By default, the half-page receipt takes up most of the height of the paper. You can reduce the number of lines that it prints on if it helps you line the forms or if the receipt looks better with more space at the bottom. By entering a negative number, the receipt will print a longer receipt, but you should only enter a negative number if your receipt is just slightly longer than 5.5ʺ or 7ʺ or 11ʺ and you have changed the page-length code in the printer control-codes section of the program.


DO YOU WANT ONE COLUMN OR TWO FOR THE SALE SUMMARY?*} The sale summary consists of the sale subtotal, taxes, total, and payments.  Usually this summary is arranged in two columns so the number of rows used is small. If you choose only one column, the number of rows that it needs is increased, but the comments section of the receipt can be wider. (The comments could extend into the area where the first column was.)


ENTER THE NUMBER OF TIMES EACH RECEIPT SHOULD BE PRINTED*} If you want a copy of each receipt and you do not use two-part paper, you can enter 2 here so each receipt is printed twice.


PRINT THE STYLE INSTEAD OF THE SKU NUMBER OR BOTH?*} By default, the receipts print each item’s SKU number. If you prefer, the receipts can print the item’s Style Number instead, or you can choose to print both the SKU number and the Style Number.


PRINT REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS ON THE CUSTOMER RECEIPTS?*} When you enter a repair, you can print a receipt to record the charges and a separate receipt with the repair information. Alternatively, you can have the repair details and instructions printed on the regular receipt. This option also applies to the 40-column and full-page in addition to the half-page receipt.


PRINT THE CUSTOMER NUMBER ON THE RECEIPTS?*} The half-page receipt usually prints the customer number after the name. You can choose not to print the customer number if you prefer.


PRINT CUSTOMER PHONE NUMBER ON RECEIPTS?*} Choose whether or not you want the customer’s phone number printed on receipts.


ARE INSTALLMENT, LAYAWAY AND WORK CONTRACTS PRINTED?*} The Jewelry Shopkeeper can print contracts detailing the terms and conditions of layaways, repairs and charge account sales. The charge account contract can even calculate interest and payment schedules and print them out. After printing a regular receipt, the Jewelry Shopkeeper will ask you if you want to print a contract. If you do not print contracts, enter N here and you will not be asked about the contract after each regular receipt is printed.


On the sales screen, do you want the option to print Full-Page Receipts? 40-Column?, Half-Page?, Labels?*} After you type in each sale, the Jewelry Shopkeeper will ask you what type of receipt, if any, you want. If you never use a certain receipt type, you can choose for that option not to appear on the sales screen. This can prevent mistakenly printing the wrong type of receipt.