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6. Purge Credit Slips

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To permanently purge credit slips and gift certificates, select option 5.


Only credit slips and gift certificates that have been used will be deleted. If you haven’t typed in a credit slip as part of a sale, but you know it has been used, you can mark it as used from the Edit Gift Certificates option from the Sales Menu.


The following screen will appear:




█              Golden Opportunity ♦ Purge Used Credit Slip Files               █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



The credit slips will be purged if they were redeemed before:  12/31/99


                                    Confirm the cut off date:  12/31/99




Type a date. Only credit slips redeemed before the date entered will be purged.


You will be asked to confirm the date entered.


After you confirm the date, the system will purge all credit slips selected. When the purge is complete, the following message will appear:




All used credit slips purged from before: 12/31/99




Press <Enter> to return to the menu.