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6.  Customize Sales Receipts

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The next screen will prompt you to customize how the Jewelry Shopkeeper prints sales receipts. Of course, if you do not yet print receipts with the Jewelry Shopkeeper you can bypass the screen. The first twelve lines are where you can enter a message to print at the bottom of your receipts. Note that depending on the type of receipts that you print, you may not be able type all the way to the right of each line. On the ‘40-column Receipt’, for example, Any line longer than 40 letters wide will be truncated.





█  Line  1:Thank You!                                                          █

█  Line  2:                                                                    █

█  Line  3:                                                                    █

█  Line  4:                                                                    █

█  Line  5:                                                                    █

█  Line  6:                                                                    █

█  Line  7:This receipt required for any returns                               █

█  Line  8:                                                                    █

█  Line  9:                                                                    █

█  Line 10:                                                                    █

█  Line 11:                                                                    █

█  Line 12:                                                                    █

█  Do you want to print inventory detail on the receipts?:             N       █

█  Do you want to print the regular price on discounted items?:        Y       █

█  Enter the ASCII number of the character that opens the cash drawer: 32      █

█  Enter the number of times this character has to be repeated:        5       █

█ *Enter the left margin on the receipt for the company name:           2      █

█ *Do you want to print the store address on the receipt?:             Y       █

█ *Do you want to print the customer name & address on the receipt?:   Y       █

█ *Enter the number of lines to feed the paper after each receipt:      1      █

█  Type message to print under the address: S A L E S    I N V O I C E         █

█  Do you want to print the entire payment history for layaway sales?: Y       █

▀▀ ‘*’ options only apply to the ‘40-column’ receipt.▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ <Esc>=Quit ▀▀▀




DO YOU WANT TO PRINT INVENTORY DETAIL ON THE RECEIPTS?*} On the 40-column receipts you can optionally print the extended detail for inventory items or loose stones for which you typed in an extra page of detail. This has no effect for inventory items which do not have any extra pages of detail.


ASCII NUMBER*} If a cash drawer is connected to your computer, this ASCII (pronounced ass-key) number should correspond to the ASCII number your cash drawer has been programmed to open on. The default is ASCII number 46 which corresponds to a period (‘.’). Check your cash drawer’s documentation for details.


CHARACTER REPEATS*} Most cash drawers need to detect more than one of these ASCII characters in a row in order to open. Enter the number of times the ASCII character must replicate in order for your cash drawer to respond. The default number is 2. If you do not have a cash drawer, then you can enter 0.


The next four entries only pertain to 40-column receipts and are quite self explanatory. Changing the number of lines to feed after printing a receipt changes how long the receipt is. Note that if you enter 99, the program will ‘form-feed’ the printer at the end of the 40-column receipt. You should try different setups until you find the combination of information and line feeds that best fits your expectations of a presentable customer receipt.


TYPE MESSAGE TO PRINT UNDER THE ADDRESS*} This is often used for store affiliation, such as Member of the AGS. This appears on the 40-Column and Half-Page receipts.


PRINT THE ENTIRE PAYMENT HISTORY FOR LAYAWAY SALES?*} Layaways may receive many small payments over a period of months. Each time you print a 40-column or Half-Page receipt you can either print just the most recent payment or a complete list of all previous payments also depending on how you answer this question.