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5. Purge Paid Invoices

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To permanently delete several accounts payable invoices from your files, select option 4. The inventory received on the purged invoices will not be purged, just the accounts payables invoice information will be purged.


Only invoices that have been paid in full can be purged. To mark an invoice as paid, either write a check for it using Make a Payment to One Vendor or Make Payments to Several Vendors or by directly telling the program that the invoice has been paid in full by using the Enter/Change Invoices Payable option from the Inventory Menu.


The following screen will appear:




█                  Golden Opportunity ♦ Purge Invoices Files                   █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



The invoices will be purged if they were due before:   /  /  


                           Confirm the cut off date:   /  /  




Type a date. Only invoices that were due before the date entered will be purged.


You will be asked to confirm the date entered.


After you confirm the date, the system will purge the selected invoices. When the purge is complete, the following message will appear:



All invoices purged from before: 12/31/99




Press <Enter> to return to the menu.