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5. X Report from Purged Year

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Sales activity over eleven months old is purged to a Yearly or Purge file. To see partial X–Report information from a month that has been purged, choose option 4.


Because the X–Report was designed for use only for the current day, you generally cannot reconcile the X–Report From a Purged File to any other reports, but it may provide you with useful information anyway.


The following screen will appear:




Type the Year of the sales file that you want to inspect: 99




Type the year of the purge file from which you will be running the X–Report.


The following message will appear:



  Enter the date that you want to run a report for: 12/31/99




Type the date of the X–Report to run.


After the date is entered, you will be asked to confirm the date. When the date is confirmed, the following message will appear:



Type X to process the yearly file X-Report:     




Type an X to start the report. When the report has finished, a message will appear:



           Do you want to Display or Print this report?  <Esc>=Quit




Press <D> to display the report on the screen, or <P> to print the report on the printer.



            Do you want a Cash Detail report? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




Press <Y> to see the Cash Detail Report, or <N> to return to the menu.

When the report has finished, the menu will re-appear.