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5. Display a Clerk List

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To display a list of sales clerks on the screen, select Display a Clerk List and the following screen will appear:




█                     Golden Opportunity ♦ Display Clerks                      █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



Type the Name that you want to scan for:                  


            Press <Enter> To Display All Clerks



You may press <Esc> while displaying names to return to the Clerk Menu.



If you want to see the information for one sales clerk, type that clerk's name. Only sales clerks with that name will appear on the screen.


If you want to list all sales clerks, leave the field blank and press <Enter>.


The sales clerk name, address, and telephone number will appear on the screen.


When the list appears on the screen, press <Enter>. The system will continue to list sales clerks until all selected sales clerks have been displayed.


When all selected sales clerks have appeared, the menu will re-appear.