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4. Reset the Sales Period

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The last step in closing the period is to reset the sales period. Choose Reset Period from the Month-End Closing Procedures menu and follow the on-screen prompts.


If steps 1 through 2 (backing up and Aging) of the closing sequence have not been completed for this period, a message will explain to you that the period could not be reset, and the step that was missed will be displayed.


If only step 3 has been excluded, you will receive a warning message, but you can continue if you do not need statements by typing the words NO STATEMENTS THIS MONTH. At the prompt below



The A/R STATEMENTS have not been run for this month.

Type NO STATEMENTS THIS MONTH if you really do not need A/R statements:





If you start period closing procedures by aging the accounts and do not finish all of the steps then try to enter sales transactions, the Jewelry Shopkeeper will prompt you with the following message each time you go to the sales screen.:



The closing of this period has been started, but not completed.

Type "Override" to continue with this procedure.





The End-of-Month procedures should be completed before performing any new transactions, so do not enter sales until after you have reset the period.


If you accidently choose Reset the Sales Period without first aging the accounts, you will be stopped and given the following message:



The ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE have not been aged for this month.




If the previous steps have encountered no problems, you will be prompted to start the reset procedure by updating the year-to-date sales figures:



Type UPDATE to update the Year-To-Date figures:                




After the figures have been update, continue resetting the month by typing the word RESET as prompted below:



Type RESET to reset the period:              




This step may be quite time consuming. When it has finished, you will see a message similar to the one below:



The month (PERIOD) was successfully reset. The new period is: 12 Press Any Key




Also notice that at the top left of all menus, the ‘Period:’ should be the new period.