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4. Purge Individual Inventory Items

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To permanently remove a specific inventory item from your files, select option 3. If you just want to indicate that you no longer have any of a certain item in stock, but want leave the inventory information in the file, you can directly reduce the quantity to zero by choosing the Adjust, Transfer & Edit Inventory option from the Inventory Menu.


The following screen will appears next:




█          Golden Opportunity ♦ Delete Out-of-Stock Inventory Items            █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



                    ENTER SKU No.:    0-    0



Type the SKU number of the item to delete. It is strongly recommended that you never delete an item which has a quantity in stock and if you select an item that is not at a zero quantity level, you will see the warning screen below. Generally you should choose <N> if you get this warning.



    The quantity in stock or layaway is NOT zero. Delete it anyway? No Yes



When a zero quantity item has been selected, the following screen will appear, showing the item information:




 ║                             SKU No:   ___-_____                             ║

 ║                                                                             ║

 ║             VENDOR STYLE: ___                 BRAND NAME:  ___              ║

 ║                                                                             ║

 ║                   DESCRIPTION:  ____________________________________        ║

 ║                                                                             ║

 ║                  COST:   ______.____    RETAIL:    ______.__                ║

 ║                                                                             ║

 ║                          DATE RECEIVED:   12/31/99                          ║

 ║                                                                             ║

 ║          QUANTITY RECEIVED:    999         QUANTITY IN STOCK:    999        ║

 ║                                                                             ║

 ║          OUTSTANDING ORDERS:   999        QUANTITY RETURNED:   999          ║



              Do you want to DELETE this item? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit




Verify that the correct item is displayed, and type a <Y> to permanently delete the item.


The first screen in this step will re-appear. You can type another item to purge, or press <Esc> to return to the menu.