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4. Delete a Vendor

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To delete a vendor record, choose option 3, Delete a Vendor and the following screen will appear:




█               Golden Opportunity ♦ Delete a Vendor. CAUTION!                 █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



          VENDOR CODE:    


          VENDOR NAME:                              




To find the vendor by vendor code, enter the code. You can also find the vendor by name by leaving the code blank and pressing <Enter>, then entering a portion of the name. Press <Enter> to begin the search for the vendor record.


When the correct vendor is found, the system will check for payables owed to the vendor. If the system reports a balance owing, the following message will appear:







If this message appears, you cannot delete the vendor record until you change the vendor balances to zero. Press <Enter> to return to the first screen in this step. If you want to zero the balances and delete this vendor, press <Esc> until you to return to the Main Menu, then run a Cash Requirements Report for that vendor. Note any outstanding payables for that vendor and then edit those invoices to mark them as ‘PAID’ using the Enter/Change Invoices Payable choice from the Accounts Payable Menu. To force a vendor’s balance to 0 Edit a Vendor. Follow step 2 and change the aged balances total to zero, then return to this step. You will then be allowed to delete the vendor.


If there is no outstanding balance for the vendor recorded on the system, the following message will appear:



To delete vendor, type DELETE:            




To delete the vendor record, type the word DELETE and press <Enter>.

To cancel deletion, press <Enter> without entering the word DELETE.


A message will appear to confirm whether or not the record was deleted. Press <Enter>, and the menu in step 1 will re-appear. Return to step 1 to perform another vendor function, or press <0> to return to the Main Menu.