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3. Purge Inventory

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To permanently remove several inventory items from your inventory file which have been sold and now have a zero quantity, select option 2. If you want to purge only a few inventory items it is quicker to use the procedure described in the next step, Purge Individual Inventory Items. If you just want to indicate that you have zero on-hand for an item, but want leave the inventory information in the file, you can directly reduce the quantity to zero by choosing the Adjust, Transfer & Edit Inventory option from the Inventory Menu.


First you will be asked to select a cutoff received date. Only merchandise received before the date will be considered for purging. It is not a good idea to purge zero quantity inventory that is fairly new because you may still want to refer to it in sales, inventory and re-order reports. From the prompt below, type the date. Only items with a zero quantity and that were received on or before this date will be purged.



Purge all Zero-Quantity Inventory Received before: 12/31/99




Next you will be presented with the following help-screen. Press <Enter> after reading the screen.




║ A list of all the inventory items that were received before the date you     ║

║ typed and have no remaining quantities in stock or layaway will be listed    ║

║ to the screen.  The right hand column will display a letter F for ’False’.   ║

║ This means that this item has not been selected for deletion.  If you fill   ║

║ in this column with a ’T’ or ’Y’, then that item will be selected for        ║

║ deletion.  There are 52 total inventory items to be considered.              ║

║ At the bottom of the screen, the numbers after the Rec:  will help you see   ║

║ how far along in the selection process you are. The first number is the      ║

║ item you are on, the second number is the total number of records.           ║

║ You may press <Ctrl>-W, <Ctrl>-<End> or <Esc> to complete your selections.   ║


Command     ║<F:>║INVPURGE   ║               ║Rec: 52/52         ║Ins   ║Num    




The Jewelry Shopkeeper will then compile a list of items with zero quantity in stock. From this list you pick the items which you want to permanently remove from your inventory file. To select the items to be deleted, press <Y> for Yes in the right-hand column (or alternatively <T> for True). To not select an item press <N> for No (or alternatively <F> for False). You should probably not remove items which have only recently been sold, because it will make it more difficult to process a customer return when the original item is no longer in the inventory file.




___-_____ ________   _______________ 12/31/99 12/31/99   ______.__  ______.__ F

___-_____ ________   _______________ 12/31/99 12/31/99   ______.__  ______.__ F

___-_____ ________   _______________ 12/31/99 12/31/99   ______.__  ______.__ F

___-_____ ________   _______________ 12/31/99 12/31/99   ______.__  ______.__ F

___-_____ ________   _______________ 12/31/99 12/31/99   ______.__  ______.__ F

___-_____ ________   _______________ 12/31/99 12/31/99   ______.__  ______.__ F

___-_____ ________   _______________ 12/31/99 12/31/99   ______.__  ______.__ F


BROWSE      ║<F:>║INVPURGE   ║Exclusive      ║Rec: 52/52         ║Ins   ║Num     





After you have finished selecting items to be deleted, press <Ctrl-End> or <Ctrl-W> and you will be asked to confirm whether or not you want to delete all the selected items. Press <Y> to delete the chosen items.


Do you want to delete the items that you have just selected? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit